[KYR]R4ptor    18 Mar 2023
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We've been a little distracted for a few weeks...

It's been a long few weeks working on the [KYR] Crafting Mod and trying to Bring some of the features from the unstable mods we have on the servers inhouse.

So far we've successfully implemented:


Weapons & Armor
Vehicle & Parts Scrapping Z-Loot
Fermenting Special Z's Special Clothes
Recipes Sounds Coming Next...

There's loads more planned here irrelevant of Build42 as we don't know what's going to happen with it, or even how popular it's going to be. We're also hoping that we'll be able to eventually transfer some of the functionality of the existing mod over to the new build. With that in mind, we ploughed on. Ironically, at the time of writing this article, all the features above how now been stablized, implemented and successfully rolled out to all [KYR] Servers.

As we're still fully focused on adding more and more here, we're still open to any suggestions or requests you might have for specific recipes, items or even weapons to be added to your PZ experience!

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