Shifting the Focus

 [KYR]R4ptor    04 Mar 2023
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Things are looking good - What next?

Meetings taking place at [KYR] HQ to discuss the next steps. The Servers are currently in good shape and starting to populate well with small regular groups. We also got a few wipes planned over the coming weeks to try and bring more new players in!

With things ticking over as nicely as they are, full attention comes to the Website. Thanks to the awesome efforts of 0x2ba22e11, the Server Ranking system is now fully alive and kicking - with the Website now home to scoring, survivor and death tables.

As things are moving forward with the Website, the only other demand for us to is too keep our mod moving. We've got plans to start bringing our own models and textures into the game as quickly as possible!

Please stay tuned to our discord and the relevant channels to stay up to date.

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