An Update!

 [KYR]R4ptor    23 Apr 2023
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It's long overdue...

What's been going on?

Well, it's been a busy few weeks. We've gone crazy with the mod, as far as adding whole new features into the game. The bot's also gone back into the workshop as part of the final plan for something massive for the players. We have one HUGE project presently in the works, which is our //// S.C.A.R.S //// - Survivor Co-Ordination And Response System. We'll be hopefully bringing some really unique features and challenges to survivors in all 3 servers over the coming weeks.

What's the state of Play?

The servers are currently going pretty well although we could do with a little more uptake on some of the harder and more challenging options like #3 - hopefully the unique content in the pipeline will help with this a lot. The servers are stable and the Mod Lists are also good - so things are in a good place for us to push forward.

The bot needs a little more love in terms of base functionality alongside some of the crazy stuff we're currently trying. This website also needs a whole lot more work... which brings me nicely onto the next point...

What Next...?

We'll be focusing mainly on the //// S.C.A.R.S //// and related content over the next week or two. This will mean yet more unique items coming your way... but more importantly... Quests and Missions. These will be controlled through //// S.C.A.R.S //// in our discord channel mixed with some of the functionality the game currently offers in MP.

To give you a taste of what might be to come here, we're considering things from kills to special weapons...

//// S.C.A.R.S ////

This will have it's own section on the website over the coming days to give some more insight into what it'll do, how it works, and most importantly... how to use it.
Updates to follow soon!

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp.

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