[KYR]R4ptor    25 Apr 2023
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Moving away from that plain look...

It's Finally Coming Along!

Things are rather chaotic at our end at the moment. We're hard pushed for time to cover the Website, the Mod and the new S.C.A.R.S system, but we are making serious progress in some areas.

New Look, or New Content?

The website isn't changing in terms of it's theme or layout. However, we are making a commitment to get a keep a whole lot more new content here in terms of what's happening and what people can expect in the near future. For a start, we'll be keeping this news Section more relevant with more frequent updates.

The Mod Section of the Site is coming along nicely. We're breaking down all the sections of the features and functionality this offers. If you're playing on [KYR] Servers we want to make sure you're getting the most out of this!

The S.C.A.R.S section of the site has also started, but is much further bnehind due to bug tracking and resolution in the system. The website here will mainly give an explanation on what the system does and how to use it properly. As the system is managed through Discord it does require some user input to get the best out of. We want to make sure everyone knows this is here and enjoy the extra functionality for PZ gaming.

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