We're Back...

 [KYR]R4ptor    29 May 2023
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It's Been a Rough few weeks...

It's Been a Rough few weeks...

So the Server, the Mod, the Bot and everything else took it's toll. Slowly filling down to a 4hour sleep schedule wasn't the best plan...

We're Back! - Plans are already underway to get the place alive and kicking again. Absolutely blown away to see 175 people still in our channel and active - a huge thank you to all who support us!

Work has already begun on 3 main points:

- Clearing down the Server Mod lists ready for something fresh!

- Something Big is in the pipeline with our Bot - we should start testing on this shortly

- Mod Content - We've got a few things on the way in regards to our Mod Content that should spice things up!

We'll keep you closely updated over the coming week or so with developments. You should see the Bot going into live testing shortly first!

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