We're Getting There!

 [KYR]R4ptor    01 Feb 2022
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The Journey So Far...

Well it's been emotional... We've gone from just getting a server online and running to something much bigger...

148 members at last count and growing, our first community event was run (Server #4 is savage...). The website is just starting to take shape and the Bot is coming along nicely...

We've got big plans for the coming weeks including some updates from our new in-house Mod Developer, A cryogenic winter server, a whitelist charity server and further developments to the bot!

[KYR] Servers

 [KYR]R4ptor    16 Jan 2022
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The Latest on Our Servers and Server Plans!

We're doing pretty well here. Most of the servers are now up running and stable. We've got some good interest in most of them, but we're trying hard to bring more players in!

The most popular servers at the moment are #1 - The Easy Life and #2 - Hardcore 10 years later! Given the general dislike of Sprinters (even though I'm a huge fan!), we're going to be scrapping server #3 and rebuilding this for a Cryogenic Winter Option. At this stage we'd rather keep the Server sizes slightly smaller and make sure we've got options to cater for everyone.

Please help us keep the community active and be as engaging as possible with other survivors. This means helping the newbies wherever possible. If you're a newbie to [KYR] or to PZ in general, please remember to check out our PZ survival tips from the KYR Bot and also