We're Back...

 [KYR]R4ptor    29 May 2023
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It's Been a Rough few weeks...

It's Been a Rough few weeks...

So the Server, the Mod, the Bot and everything else took it's toll. Slowly filling down to a 4hour sleep schedule wasn't the best plan...

We're Back! - Plans are already underway to get the place alive and kicking again. Absolutely blown away to see 175 people still in our channel and active - a huge thank you to all who support us!

Work has already begun on 3 main points:

- Clearing down the Server Mod lists ready for something fresh!

- Something Big is in the pipeline with our Bot - we should start testing on this shortly

- Mod Content - We've got a few things on the way in regards to our Mod Content that should spice things up!

We'll keep you closely updated over the coming week or so with developments. You should see the Bot going into live testing shortly first!


 [KYR]R4ptor    25 Apr 2023
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Moving away from that plain look...

It's Finally Coming Along!

Things are rather chaotic at our end at the moment. We're hard pushed for time to cover the Website, the Mod and the new S.C.A.R.S system, but we are making serious progress in some areas.

New Look, or New Content?

The website isn't changing in terms of it's theme or layout. However, we are making a commitment to get a keep a whole lot more new content here in terms of what's happening and what people can expect in the near future. For a start, we'll be keeping this news Section more relevant with more frequent updates.

The Mod Section of the Site is coming along nicely. We're breaking down all the sections of the features and functionality this offers. If you're playing on [KYR] Servers we want to make sure you're getting the most out of this!

The S.C.A.R.S section of the site has also started, but is much further bnehind due to bug tracking and resolution in the system. The website here will mainly give an explanation on what the system does and how to use it properly. As the system is managed through Discord it does require some user input to get the best out of. We want to make sure everyone knows this is here and enjoy the extra functionality for PZ gaming.

An Update!

 [KYR]R4ptor    23 Apr 2023
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It's long overdue...

What's been going on?

Well, it's been a busy few weeks. We've gone crazy with the mod, as far as adding whole new features into the game. The bot's also gone back into the workshop as part of the final plan for something massive for the players. We have one HUGE project presently in the works, which is our //// S.C.A.R.S //// - Survivor Co-Ordination And Response System. We'll be hopefully bringing some really unique features and challenges to survivors in all 3 servers over the coming weeks.

What's the state of Play?

The servers are currently going pretty well although we could do with a little more uptake on some of the harder and more challenging options like #3 - hopefully the unique content in the pipeline will help with this a lot. The servers are stable and the Mod Lists are also good - so things are in a good place for us to push forward.

The bot needs a little more love in terms of base functionality alongside some of the crazy stuff we're currently trying. This website also needs a whole lot more work... which brings me nicely onto the next point...

What Next...?

We'll be focusing mainly on the //// S.C.A.R.S //// and related content over the next week or two. This will mean yet more unique items coming your way... but more importantly... Quests and Missions. These will be controlled through //// S.C.A.R.S //// in our discord channel mixed with some of the functionality the game currently offers in MP.

To give you a taste of what might be to come here, we're considering things from kills to special weapons...

//// S.C.A.R.S ////

This will have it's own section on the website over the coming days to give some more insight into what it'll do, how it works, and most importantly... how to use it.
Updates to follow soon!

Stay Safe, Stay Sharp.

The Mod...

 [KYR]R4ptor    18 Mar 2023
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We've been a little distracted for a few weeks...

It's been a long few weeks working on the [KYR] Crafting Mod and trying to Bring some of the features from the unstable mods we have on the servers inhouse.

So far we've successfully implemented:


Weapons & Armor
Vehicle & Parts Scrapping Z-Loot
Fermenting Special Z's Special Clothes
Recipes Sounds Coming Next...

There's loads more planned here irrelevant of Build42 as we don't know what's going to happen with it, or even how popular it's going to be. We're also hoping that we'll be able to eventually transfer some of the functionality of the existing mod over to the new build. With that in mind, we ploughed on. Ironically, at the time of writing this article, all the features above how now been stablized, implemented and successfully rolled out to all [KYR] Servers.

As we're still fully focused on adding more and more here, we're still open to any suggestions or requests you might have for specific recipes, items or even weapons to be added to your PZ experience!

Shifting the Focus

 [KYR]R4ptor    04 Mar 2023
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Things are looking good - What next?

Meetings taking place at [KYR] HQ to discuss the next steps. The Servers are currently in good shape and starting to populate well with small regular groups. We also got a few wipes planned over the coming weeks to try and bring more new players in!

With things ticking over as nicely as they are, full attention comes to the Website. Thanks to the awesome efforts of 0x2ba22e11, the Server Ranking system is now fully alive and kicking - with the Website now home to scoring, survivor and death tables.

As things are moving forward with the Website, the only other demand for us to is too keep our mod moving. We've got plans to start bringing our own models and textures into the game as quickly as possible!

Please stay tuned to our discord and the relevant channels to stay up to date.

The New Box Has Landed!

 [KYR]R4ptor    17 Feb 2023
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The hard work is now underway...

So the new Server box has landed, it's been a heavy start with the bot already moved and the website landing as well. Background admin stuff is nearly completed on the first night which is amazing progress, hats off to our In-House Tech Folk on this one...

Work for the server migrations will begin tomorrow at 12pm GMT. This won't affect running servers but we'll be able to switch over to the higher performance ones pretty soon!

Mod work is also going well. The mod is already deployed on one of our live servers and doing (mostly) what it should be doing. We've got some further developments coming on this soon but the focus right now is getting the New Server up and running properly.

More to follow...

We're Getting Started

 [KYR]R4ptor    01 Feb 2022
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The Journey So Far...

Well it's been emotional... We've gone from just getting a server online and running to something much bigger...

148 members at last count and growing, our first community event was run (Server #4 is savage...). The website is just starting to take shape and the Bot is coming along nicely...

We've got big plans for the coming weeks including some updates from our new in-house Mod Developer, A cryogenic winter server, a whitelist charity server and further developments to the bot!

[KYR] Servers - Cooking up Nicely...

 [KYR]R4ptor    16 Jan 2022
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The Latest on Our Servers and Server Plans!

We're doing pretty well here. Most of the servers are now up running and stable. We've got some good interest in most of them, but we're trying hard to bring more players in!

The most popular servers at the moment are #1 - The Easy Life and #2 - Hardcore 10 years later! Given the general dislike of Sprinters (even though I'm a huge fan!), we're going to be scrapping server #3 and rebuilding this for a Cryogenic Winter Option. At this stage we'd rather keep the Server sizes slightly smaller and make sure we've got options to cater for everyone.

Please help us keep the community active and be as engaging as possible with other survivors. This means helping the newbies wherever possible. If you're a newbie to [KYR] or to PZ in general, please remember to check out our PZ survival tips from the KYR Bot and also