Server #3 - Hell

Below you'll find the Ranking Table for Server #3 - Hell

Time of death is shown as ingame time, float the mouse over the clock image to see the Time of Death IRL. Stats are updated every few moments!


Username Character name Zombies killed Time of death
Chef Cliff Crocker 5166 Still alive 😎
Hueb Jean Marc JII Lane 2302 Still alive 😎
R4ptor Francesco McGowan 498 Still alive 😎
Tolis Tolis 347 Still alive 😎
Hueb Jean Marc Junior Lane 119 Died on 1993/07/18 at 20:17:46
Hueb Jean Marc Lane 8 Died on 1993/07/17 at 15:08:48
Chef Dean Stein 1 Died on 1993/07/09 at 14:50:38