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The [KYR] Survival & Crafting Mod

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Mod Sections

The Mod was created to bring more freedom to the game and a broader survival expereince in terms of having more to do. It will give the game for of an open feel with certain tweaks making start time and location more irrelevant. This mod is highly recommended for high difficulty and low loot servers. If it's mixed with the partner mods in CDC and Farming Time mentioned, it'll evening bring special Z loot on the Special Z types listed further down. The current Mod Release includes the following content:

Weapons & Armour
Vehicle & Parts Scrapping Z-Loot
Fermenting Special Z's Special Clothes
Recipes Models, Textures & Sounds In The Pipeline...

- - - WEAPONS & ARMOR - - -

What's on Offer?




The [KYR] Wooden/Plated Baton The [KYR] Metal Spear
The [KYR] Plated Vest

Our Mod brings some new and unique weapons and armor to the game, all very balanced and law friendly. There's even some interesting new features added that might give you a bit of a nasty shock depending on your skill levels and what you're wearing...

The idea here is to add a little more variety in what the weapons bring, some slightly better at knocking down etc., without upsetting the games balance. The Wooden Baton can be upgraded with plated metal for something a little harder hitting. Upgrading weapons and even unique/custom weapons for individual players is something we'll be working on more in the coming weeks.


A Whole New Feature...


Vehicle Scrapping can be used on any vehicle below 50% condition, including burnouts and wrecks. Inspired by the Vehicle Repair Overhaul mod, this feature takes advantage of the same base code. However, our feature is quite evolved. The process requires you to be wearing a welding mask and have 1 Full Propane Torch.

 - Firstly, we have a much larger loot pool in terms of things that can be returned.

- Secondly, we made huge changes to the calcs & XP awards behind the scenes...

So you can expect to recieve pools of Metal, Electrical and Tailoring Loot. The total amount of loot generated will depend of your Mechanics Skill. The types of loot generated and XP awarded will depend on your skills in those specific categories.

- If you have Mechanics 10, Metal Working 1, Electrical 10, Taloring 10. You'll generate a lot of Electrical scrap and Tailoring Scrap from the Vehicle.

- If you have Mechanics 3, Metal Working 10, Electical 10, Tailoring 10. You'll generate a very small amount of every category and XP.

- - - Z-LOOT - - -

Late Starting? Middle of Nowhere?

Carp1 Foodz Soapz
Skill Books Level 1+2
Low Level Food Soap & Low Level FirstAid

The Z-Loot Element is designed to remove the stress/pressure of new server spawns and spawn timing. It no longer matters if you start a few weeks or months after the server was launched... It also no longer matters if you've decided to set up Safehouse several miles from the nearest town... Essentially, you now have a lot more freedom in where you start and what you do!

Here's a quick snap shot on what you can expect to find... if you kill enough Z's!

Level 1 + 2 Essential Skill Books How to use Gens The Herbalist Low Level Food (Edable and Rotten)
Empty Tins & Junk Soap Glue / WoodGlue Empty Jars / Lids

So the Z-Loot levels are set to an ideal amount for a more challenging/hardcore server where some grind is required. It's important to note at this point how Z-Loot works in PZ, as there are several quite heavy modifiers that make it very difficult to trim levels for. For example, there is a huge booster on Z loot the closer to a Town Centre or POI you are. There's boosters depending on what Tiles you're stood on (can have a huge effect with modded towns...). So there are a lot of factors at play here which may effect the outcome. This is primarily why we designed and tested on more hardcore servers... Less is definetly more here!

If you'd like to get an idea on what mix of mods and maps we're currently, which seem to offer good balance. Drop into our discord and hit the #talk-to-scars channel for Server & Mod info

- - - FERMENTING - - -

"Something useful and fun to do..."

Yeast & Vinegar and Fruitwine

So everyone get's those moments on PZ where you think, "Wow, I could use a strong drink..." (Both in the game and IRL...). If you play on Servers with Sprinters for example, this can also be more stress and trauma that it's worth, especially hearing that lovely chomping sound trying to take down the 300 strong horde in the car park of the Local Bar...

Cooking is also a key part in the game. Our Community Chef takes his supplies and stock quite seriously, and rightly so. Especially being crashed by a crew of hungry survivors every now and again. So having renewable food sources in the game is key for a whole bunch of play styles and playthroughs. ... and don't get me started on RP... With this in Mind you'll be able to ferment your own Yeast (via a Potato Slurry),FruitWine (via a Fruit&Berry Jar) and more Vinegar (Provided you've already found some!). Start with either Potatoes, Vinegar or any kind of wild berry and right click for "craft helper". This will give you a breakdown on what you need. Tooltips are turned on for these items which will also tell you what to do. In-case you here for that reason, heat a pot of water and add the other ingredients!

Once the slurry mix is made and "fed", leave to rot - Once rotten, the product can be extracted usually using some simple kitchen tools (spoons, dishcloths etc.).


(Side Note - The FruitWine as homebrewed stuff is rather strong... if you have a weak stomach it can also make you a little rough. Great for disinfecting wounds, but will cause some serious pain doing so!)

- - - SPECIAL Z'S - - -

"Ones to look out for..."

Kyrsurvz Farmers
[KYR] Survivor Z
[KYR] Farmer Z

Everyone loves a special Z to look out for!

Here we have some of the "Special Z's" that have been added by Ourselves just to make hunting a little more interesting. These chaps only spawn in certain and very limited places (The Farmer is a bit of a giveaway...). At this point I'd like to mention that we recommend running our mod alongside - Soul Filchers Farming Time & CDCRR (CDC Rapid Response) mods. This will add special even more special Loot to the Z's shown above!

So with the farmer already a bit of a giveaway, we'll use this chap as an example. A possibility of being loaded with farming equipment like spray bottles as well as a big variety of Seeds! (Including seeds from SF-FT if installed). The [KYR] Survivor Z's aren't much different... although I'm not giving away where they spawn...

If you are lucky enough to find them, they'll always have interesting [KYR] Gear, and some other goodies... Don't let them get away!


"Can you find them all...?"

R4ptort Bagelst Chefts Narfyt
R4ptor's T-Shirt
Irradiated Bagel's T-Shirt
Chef's T-Shirt
Narfy's T-Shirt

Plus more...

A collection to find!

In honour of our Founder and all the Admin's / Mod's that have brought this place together and made it what it is - we've added a number of clothing items as tributes. The first generic Item will spawn on certain Special Z's (as you can see in the Special Z section!), but there's a very small chance they'll have a Tribute T-Shirt. Four of them are snap shotted above, there's Our Generic KYR T-Shirt and 7 Special Items to collect in total, can you find all of them?!

- - - RECIPES - - -

"What can I make...?"

Recipe1 Recipe2 Recipe3 Recipe4
Boil & Wrap Twine
(Foraging Level 3)
Heat & Feed Slurry
(Cooking Level 2)
Craft Nails
(MetalWorking Level 2)
Weld Engine Parts
(Mechanics Level 7)

One of the most important questions in a PZ Server without doubt...

As the rest of the mod is designed, this section is no different, with a lean towards lower loot / more hardcore servers. We've also tried to re-inforce the "doesn't matter where or when you start" message here as well, all whilst remaining challenging and lore friendly. Some new skills have been introduced into the recipe list as well, namely "foraging". In summary, the recipes you'll find added in game will allow you to change around base level materials, and craft some normally non-renewable items. The demands will be tough though. Material demands will be tricky and varied, skills will need to be ground out, and items of all kinds of variety will be required.

We've also gone the "whole-hog" with effects. We've pulled animations from various parts of the game, custom recorded sound effects and included requirements like heat when making slurry's. Immersion and Realism are the most important things for us when considering new recipes etc. We've aimed to keep the renewable items linked to longer playthrough hobbies, like the creation of twine for fishing as an example!

There's a snap shot of just a few of the new recipes we've added below but it's impossible to get them all in here. It's always worth right clicking and checking "Craft Helper" to make sure you're getting the most out of what the Mod has to offer!


"No Expense Spared!

Modelling Textures
Textures & Sounds

We put every effort in at every stage...

So as well as trying to bring new content to the PZ experience, the quality of the content is key here.

We've taken all the time and effort possible to make our own Models, Textures and Sounds to bring as much realism and immersion as possible. Everything down to the timing of the animation loops has been tested extensively. We'll continue to add completely fresh content to the game as much as possible. Along-side the recently lauched S.C.A.R.S - we're hoping to tie some of this to missions as well!

We're always keen to take idea's from the community as well, so if you have any ideas for new weapons or items you'd like to see added - please swing by the kyr-mod or suggestions sections of our discord and let us know!

- - - IN THE PIPELINE - - -

"What's next...?"

No pictures sorry... that would be spoiling things...

We do have posts in the #kyr-mod channel of our discord with a few sneak peaks of the things coming soon. The main focus at the moment is to get the S.C.A.R.S system working properl though. This means tying it to certain missions in the PZ Servers and seeing if we can give players access to completely unique content based on what they've achieved.

We'll release a news post again shortly when S.C.A.R.S takes it's next steps and we reveal some of the content the first few missions will be linked to!

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