Server Info - #3 - Hell

Background Story

When people thought the wandering Dead were enough... They stopped wandering, and started running...

Everyone knows you only go here once you've got the nerves to handle it. A suprise from one of those things is bad enough, but when they can outrun you?!

Mostly athletes and tanks living here. If you can't run fast now, give it a day or two... This is not the kind of territory for Military boots. Roughly 20% of those things are fast moving. The ones that do come back all say it's about taking it slow and pulling the sprinters off the packs...

It use to be easy going here apparently, Not even sure there'll be much left around even if you do manage to setlle here. The feeling of pulling it off though. Killing some of those things... it might just be worth it.

Server Name: Hell Server IP: Difficulty: V.Hard

Special Mods N/A - Not in use on this Server
Our Mods .[KYR] Crafting Mod, [KYR] Server Diary
Primary Mods Vanilla Firearms Expansion, The Workshop, Solar, Building/Farming/Cooking/Foraging Time, CDC Disease Response
Secondary Mods Mo Crops, Green Fire, Gas Distiller, Vehicle (Various), Trailers, RV Interior, Expanded Heli Events, Irrigation, Skills Journals
Map Mods Raven Creek, Pit Stop, New Ekron, Bedford Falls, Chestown, Grapeseed, RabbitHash
Other Mods Authentic-Z Backpacks, Lanterns, True Actions, Craft Helper, Weapon Condition, Craft Anti-Lag, Re-order Bars
NOTE Other QOL and Minimal Mods are also Installed