Server Info - #2 - 10 Years Later

Background Story

10 years has past... So many survivors have passed through the area it's been nearly picked clean. But where else to go? Is the next town going to be better?

Surviving in this place will require resourcefulness and skill. Visibility in the streets is heavily restricted due to the overgrown vegitation. Moving around in vehicles is very difficuly for the same reason, and that's if you can find one that you can get running...

It's worth betting there's plenty of loot left in the bigger cities, but the question will be how to get there, and how to get in after the military locked everything down. Pretty much everyone here is a Z, apart from a small group everyone's heard about near Blackwood - maybe heading over to them for some basic equipment and help would be the best place to start...

Server Name: 10 Years Later
Server IP: Difficulty: Hard PVP: YES | MODS: YES

Special Mods 10 Years Later, Crashed Cars, 10Years Raven's Creek
Our Mods .[KYR] Crafting Mod, [KYR] Server Diary
Primary Mods Vanilla Firearms Expansion, The Workshop, Solar, Building/Farming/Cooking/Foraging Time, CDC Disease Response
Secondary Mods Mo Crops, Green Fire, Gas Distiller, Vehicle (Various), Trailers, RV Interior, Expanded Heli Events, Irrigation, Skills Journals
Map Mods Raven Creek, Pit Stop, New Ekron, Bedford Falls, Chestown, Grapeseed, RabbitHash
Other Mods Authentic-Z Backpacks, Lanterns, True Actions, Craft Helper, Weapon Condition, Craft Anti-Lag, Re-order Bars
NOTE Other QOL and Minimal Mods are also Installed