Server Info - #1 - The Easy Life!

Background Story

A quiet part of Kentucky known for it's neighbourhood parties. But something is changing... the tranquil suburban paradise has something in the air... There's complaints of blood in the streets, and people biting each other!?

At the moment reports of incidents are low. Many people are sticking to their ignorant bliss and getting on with their lives. Typically a friendly place, the shops are still well stocked, and "unaffected" people still seem very warm and friendly.

Mostly new folk around this part of Kentucky looking to settle down. There seems to be plenty of everything here, which makes it a popular spot for starting out. Keep an eye out for those 'strange folk' wandering around and you should be just fine!...

Server Name: The Easy Life! Server IP: Difficulty: Easy PVP: NO | MODS: YES

Special Mods N/A - Not in use on this Server
Our Mods .[KYR] Crafting Mod, [KYR] Server Diary
Primary Mods Vanilla Firearms Expansion, The Workshop, Solar, Building/Farming/Cooking/Foraging Time, CDC Disease Response
Secondary Mods Mo Crops, Green Fire, Gas Distiller, Vehicle (Various), Trailers, RV Interior, Expanded Heli Events, Irrigation, Skills Journals
Map Mods Raven Creek, Pit Stop, New Ekron, Bedford Falls, Chestown, Grapeseed, RabbitHash
Other Mods Authentic-Z Backpacks, Lanterns, True Actions, Craft Helper, Weapon Condition, Craft Anti-Lag, Re-order Bars
NOTE Other QOL and Minimal Mods are also Installed